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Corvette's are special. They are Americas's first true and original sports car. They are also worth a lot dead or alive.

Of course they're beautiful and a thrill to own and drive, but even in scrap form they are worth far more than your average daily driver.

A Corvette is worth its weight at the scrap yard of course, but they are worth much more when sold in pieces instead of scrap.

""There is a lot of demand for Corvette parts new and used", says Santo Maglione the owner of Caledon Corvette Parts in Ontario Canada ""Even when we get a wreck in we can strip down the good parts and make them available to other Vette owners and help them keep their Corvettes on the road or help them restore a car, but it takes a lot knowledge and experience to know what to keep and what to discard, and to understand exactly what a customer is asking for or needs when they call for a part. Every part of a Corvette is worth something,” says Behler.

Typically used parts dealers buy wrecked cars, and then salvage the parts. They buy the entire wrecked vehicle for a percentage of what the parts are worth, and then invest time and money to remove the parts and make them available for sale.

Caledon Corvette Parts has become a leader int the business, and has an online presence at

Seats, instrument clusters, entire drive train assemblies, and body panels can all be purchased for a fraction of the cost of new. If new is the way a customer wants to go though Caledon Corvette Parts also offers new parts from leading suppliers like Corvette America, and Volunteer Corvette Parts.

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